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CanonMore Bad News for Nikon as China Orders the Company to Stop Selling the D600 or NikonCanon EOS 70D release date? Well, which one to pick? :) This small article will be useful for those who havecanon vs nikon not decided about the manufacturer yet.

Usually disputes revolve around the concept of “better.” Wich is better, CanonMore Bad News for Nikon as China Orders the Company to Stop Selling the D600 or NikonCanon EOS 70D release date? The question is not so senseless as many like to claim. If people continue to ask, it means that there is a cause for it. But the reasons cannot be found in the global definition of what is bad and what is good. If it would be so, the bad ones would have disappeared long time ago, and there would be only one good one.

The differences are in the details. And so - the differences, not weaknesses. Because that will determine ultimately your choice.

First, let’s remember that since the establishment of the two companies in the early 20th century, their ways have been radically different. Nikon has always focused more on the sector of the photographic industry, while Canon went much wider, also working in the direction of printing and medical equipment, TV broadcasting, etc. There is even an opinion that the company of Nikon was created for photographers, while Canon for engineers and marketers. According to the financial report for 2009/2010, the share of revenue from the sale of purely photographic equipment from Nikon was 72.5%, while the Canon only 26%.

Yes, and the two companies whole approach to photographyNight sky photography - Instruction for beginners differs. In a nutshell, it can be expressed as follows: Nikon is more focused on the artistic component of the photoNight sky photography - Instruction for beginners, but Canon made ​​a bid to speed up in order to have time to capture fleeting existence.

Why did Canon sell more and has an army of admirers? It’s enough to look at a chart of the market and all becomes clear:

canon vs nikon 2Canon is intelligent and they are much faster. Their slogan «You Can Canon» is worth. Canon always paid special attention on marketing, so the competitors were always left behind on this field. Although Nikon now also appeared to be competent in marketing and advertising. The new campaign launched in 2010 (I Am Nikon) is already producing very positive results.

The message is simple and clear: there are no bad cameras. There are two major products: Canon and Nikon. So the first cameraCanon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM test which you grab and lies conveniently in your hand will be the one you should chose.

Tell you what was important to me when I was looking for a cameraCanon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM test.

Six years ago I bought Canon D60 (not to be confused with the modern 60D). Despite its outdated 6Mp he is still a modern devices, nice quality, good color pictures,  and convenience of use. I am constantly experimenting with different lensesCanon 200-400mm lens with 1.4x extender is coming, including the old Soviet and  other monoclonal homemade ones. This camera has no problem with infinity and exposure metering, but im afraid of humidity. In rainy wether it refused to work a couple of times.

Therefore, I bought Nikon D5000 with a conventional lensCanon 200-400mm 1.4x extender - first hand experiences whale. Relatively inexpensive and very high quality machine. Weather is not a problem (without the extreme), picture is great, the camera never let down, swivel screen is actually very helpful in many cases, when you shoot in a crowd or cramped space, the battery lasts a long time, even when using the built-in flash. But he is not able to adequately work with the old lensCanon 200-400mm 1.4x extender - first hand experiences , and with step-glass did not measures the exposure.

And since I began to have both sets of producers, I stopped thinking in terms of “better or worse” and rather use “more convenient” or “more appropriate” in different situations.

By the way, who lost his head from the inability to chose between the manufacturer, can take an easy bretah now – there is a compromise! I present you Canikon 1D3s:

Author: Peter Chapman

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